Edward Banayoti established TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd to acquire small, and regional airline companies in Europe & Africa, to innovate those companies, and meet their customer’s expectations. We are focusing on restructuring distressed aviation, and airlines assets, by implementing cost reduction measures, best available IT, and strategic planning, as well as injecting the appropriate level of cash injection needed.

TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd is to offers Airlines and Airports an integrated range of Aviation ground services to contribute to their development by meeting the expectations of their customers. We understand the highly specialized needs of the aviation business and provide services of the highest standards.

TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd will be offering airline safety, manned & unmanned safety, risk and reliability analysis, safety critical tasks analysis, and international support and logistics. TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd will be offering spare parts supply, component repair, and airline operator .

TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltdis an independent subsidiary of CORNERSTONE Holdings Corp.

For more information, please contact mail@transworld.company

TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd

Suite 1513, 4 Robert Speck Parkway,

Mississauga, ON L4Z1S1, Canada.