Security assurance across the Civil Aviation Transport Systems is a critical factor for national and international trade, business and tourism.

The Civil Aviation Transport Systems is a complex system and it is defined by the mass movement of passengers, and freight (including the full spectrum of Supply Chain), and it involves Airports, Air Carriers and Intra-Modal Transport System activity.

The threat of Unlawful Interference Acts against the Civil Aviation poses a risk to national and international security.

The high impact of such acts usually accompanied by mass casualties, destruction of infrastructure, demoralization and fear, makes the Civil Aviation System an attractive target for terrorism.

The threat from the civil aviation domain may come in various forms and includes terrorist attack, illegal immigration, contraband, weapons or explosives may be concealed in luggage and freight, aircraft may be used as weapons to destroy critical infrastructure, terrorists may illegally cross the borders to launch attacks or acts of aircraft hijacking.

The international civil aviation is heavily reliant on the safe and secure movement of passengers and freight, and therefore the civil aviation stake holders are increasingly being forced to participate in the security scheme and face a large number of regulation prescribing measures to be taken in order to raise the level of security.

TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd offers a comprehensive Aviation Security consultancy and risk assessment services, drawing on military, civil aviation industry experience.

TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd provide invaluable assistance and support to the Civil Aviation industry, which includes the airports and air carriers and their passengers and freight activity. Providing security measures for all stakeholders in the Civil Aviation Domain including vulnerability assessment for air carriers and airports.

TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd takes very proactive posture on security and believe that proper planning prevents most problems.

TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd Civil Aviation Security Services support the wide verity of the Civil Aviation activity and include:

 Risk Analysis and Threat Assessment for Airports, Air Carriers and Freight Facilities;

 Security and Emergency Programs Development;

 Security Processes and Procedures Development;

 Surveillance and Screening Technology Placement;

 Counter Terrorism Audits and Hardening;

 Security Training for security and Non-Security personnel;